The Service Center has a New Look!

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Woodforest Online Services has updated the Service Center!  Now there are two pages instead of one:  Service Center and Security Center. These pages were designed to make it easier for you to manage your account online.  Take a look at some of the changes that were made to improve your online banking experience.

Service Center

When you select the Services tab, the new Service Center displays.  The clean design simplifies managing your account by displaying products and services on the left side of the page.   Available options and any applicable prior service history requests are immediately displayed once you select a product or service. 

For example, if you want to re-order checks, select Checks.  All available check options display.  Select Re-order Checks to begin the process (see example below).

Terms and Conditions for available products and services are also available for you to view on this page.

Security Center

The new Security Center provides additional details about each security feature or setting, helping you understand what you are changing and why.  The Security Center previously resided on the old Service Center page.

Manage Contact Points

The options to manage contact points previously on the old Service Center page now resides under the Messages tab. Here you will see the options for managing Contact Points, Security Alerts, and Account Alerts (see example below).

New Service Center

New Service Center - Order Checks Example


New Security Center

Updated Message Center - Manage Contact Points

Old Service Center (Replaced by above pages)

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