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New security features are now available on Woodforest Online Services. As always, security is a top priority for Woodforest. We constantly strive to implement powerful, proactive solutions to keep your online transactions safe from fraud. Having a strong security profile is critical to keeping others from accessing your accounts.

Please review the following changes to ensure you understand and take advantage of these new security features.

Protected Feature Availability

Beginning May 18, 2014, multi-factor authentication will be required  in order to use the following online banking features:

  • Bill Payment
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Western Union Online Money Transfers

Please note:  If you are an existing customer and are currently enrolled in Bill Payment or Mobile Deposit, you are not required to enroll in multi-factor authentication at this time in order to continue using these features.

Enrolling in multi-factor authentication will change your security setting to HIGH, allowing you to use Bill Payment, Mobile Deposit, and Western Union Online Money Transfers. In some cases you may have a waiting period after enrollment prior to using the feature transaction.  This delay is an additional security feature added for your protection.

Online Banking Profile Security Strength

Your current security strength now displays in the Online Services Security Center as follows:

  • HIGH - You are using multi-factor authentication. 
  • LOW - You are not enrolled in multi-factor authentication.

If you are not currently using multi-factor authentication, the Disabled Features Notice displays on the Online Services Account Summary page, indicating your security setting is LOW. Please visit the Online Services Security Center to enroll in one of our multi-factor authentication offerings.

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication refers to a secure way to log into Online Services. It requires at least two ways to verify your identity when logging in or performing certain transactions. Woodforest offers the following multi-factor authentication options which involves entering a security code sent to you when you are logging into Online Services. Enter this security code when challenged upon logging into Online Services.

  1. Text Message Authentication - A security code is sent to your mobile phone.

  2. Mobile Authenticator - An authenticator application may be uploaded to your mobile phone, which displays a security code.  This code refreshes after a period of time.

Quicken, QuickBooks, Mint, and other online financial applications do not support multi-factor authentication.  Set up a Limited Access Password if you use one of these applications (see below).

Limited Access Password

You may now set up a Limited Access Password if you use Quicken, QuickBooks, Mint or other online financial applications.  Limited Access Passwords allow these applications read-only access to your account information.  A separate Limited Access Password must be set up for each application you use.  Visit the Online Services Security Center to learn more and generate a new password as needed.  These passwords may be revoked at any time.

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