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Check fraud in the United States has increased to $20 Billion dollar levels. Today’s advanced technology has made it easier to perpetrate this type of crime. Banks and corporations are working together to minimize risks and exposure. Woodforest National Bank’s WEBnet Positive Pay Service assists your company in protecting against check fraud. The service also provides an early warning of check irregularities, such as encoding errors and multiple postings.

WEBnet Positive Pay takes advantage of the latest Internet browser technology by providing you with easy to use real time control over your past, present, and future transactions. Issue files may be uploaded or manually input into Positive Pay.


  • Reduce the risk of external fraud by transmitting an issue file

  • View exception items on WEBnet. You decide whether to pay or return an exception by 2 p.m. Central Time

  • Review issued, paid, outstanding, or voided items

  • View images of paid or exception items. Images are available for 90 days.

  • Our teller system interfaces with Positive Pay so that payment decisions can be made easily when checks are presented in person

Protecting your company’s accounts with WEBnet Positive Pay has never been more important.

Businesses utilizing our WEBnet Positive Pay Service must maintain a Business Checking account on Account Analysis. The monthly maintenance fee and any exception item fees will be assessed through Account Analysis.

Please contact Cash Management Sales at (832) 375-2606 to learn more about Woodforest National Bank’s WEBnet Positive Pay Service.

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