July, 2014


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Passwords – Keys to the Kingdom

Passwords. They are necessary to keep your personal information safe. It can be a love/hate relationship at times, but try not to hate; they are there for your protection. These days it feels like almost every website requires a user id and password, even for the simplest online sites. How do you keep up with the number of passwords you use? What about that annoying requirement that forces you to create a new password every few months? Is there a way to stay sane while adhering to all the password requirements such as special characters, case sensitivity, password length, password expiration dates, password strengths . . . In this technological world where online safety is critical, surely there’s a manageable way to help keep up with creating, remembering and updating a minimum six character, at least one special character, mixture of upper and lower case letters, non-obvious, easy to remember but hard to guess, not based on personal information, no common words, time-sensitive, never written down, and highly protected passwords that help protect your personal financial information.

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Multi-factor Authentication: It’s for Your Own Good

Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in their attempts to infiltrate financial accounts and personal information. So what can we do? Woodforest continues to be proactive, constantly striving to develop better security methods and provide customers with better tools to protect themselves. One way customers can help themselves is to embrace a type of technology with a fancy name: Multi-factor Authentication. What is it? Why does it provide additional protection? And why should you embrace it? It’s time to step into the light of understanding so you can understand and appreciate this process that helps keep out the bad guys.

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The Care and Feeding of your Mobile Device

Nearly 80 percent of smartphone and tablet users choose simple passwords (ones comprised of all numbers or all letters) to protect their devices from unauthorized use, according to an analysis recently released by a maker of mobile device management solutions. Since mobile devices are practically a part of us, people tend to adopt a false sense of security in thinking nothing will happen to their device, and if so, these simple passwords will protect them. It’s time to take another look at that theory. Cyber criminals can gain access to a multitude of personal information, including access to mobile banking applications, if you don’t properly protect yourself. You may find out the hard way that bad things can and do happen to good people, even when you think your “password protected” phone is safe from abuse.

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