Ways to Spot Email Fraud

Have you received a legitimate looking email, and felt there was something not quite right about it? But you clicked a link or took action just in case it was important? After all, it looked official, or it seemed to be from someone you knew, right? When something seems slightly off in an email, take a moment to consider you may be a victim of an email scam.

  • Be aware of incoming e-mail or text messages that ask you to click on a link because the link may install malware that allows thieves to spy on your computer and gain access to your information.
  • Be suspicious of any e-mail or phone requests to update or verify your personal information. A legitimate organization would not solicit updates in an unsecured manner for information it already has.
  • Confirm a message is legitimate by contacting the sender (it is best to look up the sender’s contact information yourself instead of using contact information in the message).
  • Assume any offer that seems too good to be true, is probably a fraud.
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