Trusteer Rapport 

Help protect your financial information against online fraud by downloading Trusteer Rapport for Online Banking.

Cyber-criminals are finding new ways to access your online financial information to commit identity fraud.  Helping to safeguard your online banking and personal data continues to be Woodforest National Bank's top priority.   We are pleased to offer you Trusteer Rapport, a free security software application that helps to safeguard your accounts by protecting you from online threats.

Trusteer Rapport provides an additional level of protection working along side your anti-virus software and firewall.  Rapport runs in the background of your web browser and requires no configuration or maintenance; you simply install Rapport and browse as you normally would.  Rapport only takes minutes to download and install.  Once installed, Rapport assists by:

  • Preventing unauthorized access to your online banking transactions and login information
  • Protecting your computer from phishing, keylogging and other malware activities
  • Confirming a safe and secure connection with your Online Services rather than a fraudulent site created by criminals

   Download Rapport Now

Protected computer

   Download Rapport Now

Quickbooks Users:  Trusteer Rapport does not support Quickbooks.  We recommend Quickbook customers do NOT use Trusteer Rapport.


Trusteer and Woodforest National Bank are separate legal entities which are not affiliated with each other in any way by common ownership. By downloading and installing Trusteer Rapport, you agree with all Trusteer terms and conditions.  Woodforest National Bank is not responsible for, nor do we guarantee, the content or services associated with this product. All problems, questions, or concerns regarding Trusteer Rapport should be directed to

Woodforest National Bank

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