ACH Debit Blocking Service

Unauthorized electronic transactions are on the rise and Woodforest National Bank’s ACH Debit Blocking Service was developed for clients who receive ACH transactions. The ACH Debit Blocking service allows companies to designate who is authorized to post electronic debits to your account. All other ACH debits are automatically blocked and will be returned to the originator as “corporate customer advises not authorized”.


  • Protect your company from fraudulent electronic transactions

  • Allow only authorized trading partners and government entities to debit your accounts

  • Maintain security and control over your accounts

How It Works

When an originating company attempts to post an ACH debit to your account, our system will compare the incoming identification number to the authorized company ID that you have provided the bank. If the ID is not on our list to allow, it will not post to your account and will be returned to the originator. This will allow your company to control who is authorized to electronically originate debits to your account.

Businesses utilizing our ACH Debit Blocking Service must maintain a Business Checking account on Account Analysis. The monthly maintenance fee will be assessed through Account Analysis.

Please contact Cash Management Sales at (832) 375-2606 to learn more about Woodforest National Bank’s ACH Debit Blocking Service.

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