Important information about NSF Fees

Insufficient Item (NSF) Fees Eliminated Effective August 1, 2022

Beginning August 1, 2022, no NSF fee will be charged when an item is returned unpaid.

Woodforest National Bank is committed to providing exceptional financial services at a reasonable price and has routinely offered tools and enhanced strategies to support customers along their ever-changing financial journeys.

Over the years, we have proactively provided consumer-friendly financial solutions that incorporate industry best-practices and are designed to reduce and prevent fees, including:

WBank Account:

  • This Bank On-certified product offers customers a checkless checking account with an affordable monthly maintenance fee and no fees for having a negative balance. Learn More

Small-Dollar Loan Products:

Cash In at Checkout℠ Product:

  • Customers with Woodforest Debit Cards may send cash to their Woodforest accounts from any Walmart checkout line in the U.S. (other than the State of Vermont). Learn More

Additional Assistance:

  • Consumer ACH credits (such as social security or payroll) are credited to accounts one day in advance of the settlement date, when possible.
  • If you deposit enough to cover all insufficient items (and related fees) by 11:00 am CT, Woodforest will pay the items, whenever possible.

In addition to customer-friendly account features, we provide easily accessible information and several notification options regarding account balances and activity:

  • We send daily email notifications that include account balance and activity.
  • You may sign up for additional account activity alerts by email, including alerts any time your account balance drops below a pre-set amount.
  • Our automated telephone system is available 24/7 by calling toll-free 1 (866) 226-5724.
  • We send a notice to you every time an item is paid into the overdraft or returned unpaid.
  • Our ATMs prompt customers when funds are not available, allowing you to cancel the transaction and avoid associated fees.
  • We call you when your account is overdrawn to discuss low-cost alternative solutions and account monitoring tools.
  • We provide free access to basic online and mobile banking services.
  • We provide free access to basic banking education through our Banking GPS online courses.

Once again, in addition to the features and services we offer to help keep your accounts positive, we will eliminate NSF fees starting August 1, 2022. NSF fees occur when you do not have enough money available in your account to cover a transaction and we return the item. Our overdraft fee of $32 has not changed. If we pay an item that results in your account being overdrawn, an overdraft fee may be charged.

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