October 2016

Woodforest National Bank® and PeopleFund Work Together to Help Small Businesses

Small business is BIG business in Texas. 90% of all Texans work for a small business. With thousands of entrepreneurs creating jobs and building upon new ideas, it is easy to think that the American Dream can be accessed by all. Yet, many women, minorities, veterans, and low income struggle to climb the economic ladder. Thanks to Woodforest, PeopleFund is able to provide access to affordable small business loans so entrepreneurs can build their credit, grow healthy small businesses, expand their financial literacy, and provide goods and services that benefit us all.

PeopleFund is a community development nonprofit that creates economic opportunity and financial stability for underserved people through access to capital and education. We inspire, educate, fund, and elevate small businesses, nonprofits, and startups each and every day to make the American Dream a reality for those who need it most. Over the last 20 years, we’ve lent over $45 million, created 3,800 jobs, and provided 55,000 hours of business and financial education, but female entrepreneurs in our community still need our help to create jobs and achieve the American Dream.

So far this year, Woodforest and PeopleFund have teamed up for technical assistance training across Texas, partnered with low interest loan capital, and grant support for our Innovation Week education events in Austin and Houston.

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