Important Phishing Alert - September 2013

Woodforest has received reports of fraudulent phishing emails appearing to be from our online banking system or notification service.  These phishing emails instruct the recipient to click or follow a link, and then update account information, view a message, or take other action.

Remember, Woodforest will NEVER ask you to provide or verify account or login information by email, phone or text message.  

If you feel you have received a phishing email, do NOT click any links in the email. Forward the email to to allow our security team to investigate and shut down the criminal site. If you have clicked a link, and/or provided any personal information, immediately change your online banking password and contact Customer Care at 1-877-968-7962.

How to Identify a Phishing Email from a Legitimate Email

Suspect ANY email that requests you click a link in order to enter confidential information to:

  • Verify account information by re-entering it.
  • Respond to a security breach by providing online banking credentials.
  • Reactivate a "disabled" online banking account by re-entering online banking signon credentials.

Phishing emails project a sense of urgency, with the goal of making you respond quickly.  Phishing emails may also contain obvious spelling errors, which help the fraudulent emails avoid spam filters.

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Phishing Email Scam

To help avoid becoming a victim of a phishing email scam, Woodforest offers the following tips:

  • Woodforest recommends enrolling in Text Message Authentication or Mobile Authenticator as a secure, easy to use, second-factor authentication to log into Online Services.  To enroll, log into Online Services, go to the Service Center, and select either Manage Text Message Authentication or Manage Mobile Authentication.
  • Never give out your personal or financial information in response to an unsolicited phone call, text message, fax or email, no matter how official it may seem.
  • Do not respond to an email or call that may warn you of dire consequences unless you validate your information immediately. Contact Woodforest at 1-877-968-7962 or enter the bank website address directly into your browser address bar.
  • Check your account statements regularly and look for unauthorized transaction, even small ones. Some thieves hope small transactions will go unnoticed. Report discrepancies immediately.  Woodforest Email Notifications are an easy way to check your transaction activity daily.

For more information regarding protecting your personal information, please review the information on our Woodforest Online Security Center.  You will find online security tips, additional steps to take if you suspect you are a victim of online fraud, and examples of fraudulent emails.

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