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Monitoring Your Bank Activity using Woodforest Email Notifications

Are you using Woodforest Daily or Weekly Email Notifications to monitor your account activity? Simply reviewing your notification(s) can help you detect potential problems sooner which may make it easier to resolve. A good rule of thumb is to check your notifications promptly and report unauthorized or suspicious transactions as soon as possible. Email Notifications make it easier, faster and more convenient to monitor your account, especially if you have access to email on your cell phone. You play an important role in keeping online fraudsters at bay, and Woodforest Email Notifications help you be aware, take precautions and remain vigilant. Contact your local branch or Customer Care at 1-877-968-7962 to set up Notifications on your account today.

Woodforest SMS Text Message Fraud Alerts

Woodforest will soon be able to text you when fraudulent or suspicious activity is detected on your debit card. This new text message alert will be available through Woodforest Online Services, giving you the ability to respond quickly to any suspicious account activity on your debit card. Look for more information from Woodforest National Bank soon regarding this new security feature!

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