Social Media and Mobile Devices - Handle with Care!

Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, tablets – these are a few of our favorite things. But don’t let the ease of use and enjoyment of staying connected to friends lull you into a state of false confidence regarding security. While these activities provide easy and powerful ways to connect to the cyber-world, safe practices and diligence can help protect you from a fraudster invasion. Take a look at how you may protect yourself by following a few simple guidelines.

Social media

Sites like Facebook and Twitter have opened up your personal information to connected friends and family on a very public forum. In spite of privacy settings, internet fraud surrounding social media is on the rise. To aggravate the problem, many people unknowingly publicize their personal information to strangers, either by connecting (or “friending”) strangers, not understanding how privacy settings work, clicking links in a message from a source you don’t recognize, or downloading an app or game that asks for personal information.

  • Consider the following tips to protect yourself while connected to the social media world:
  • Be sure you know the person from whom you accept a “friend” request.
  • Familiarize yourself with privacy settings.
  • Don’t post personal information such as phone numbers, home addresses, or email addresses.
  • Don’t post any upcoming travel plans, vacations, or other activities that could make you vulnerable.

Mobile Devices

With your mobile device, you have the power to make calls, surf the web, send and receive text messages and emails, download apps, and much more. You also have the potential to become a victim of fraud and identity fraud if you don’t practice caution when using your mobile device. A few simple steps can help protect you when using these powerful and convenient devices.

  • Consider locking your device with a password to prevent unauthorized access to your device.
  • Don’t store sensitive account or personal information on your device.
  • Take advantage of security settings and use them accordingly.
  • If you have a financial or banking application, be sure to take advantage of the security features available to you to protect yourself against internet fraud.
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