Your Usernames and Passwords May Not Be Enough to Keep Your Accounts Secure.

So What Can You Do? Lock Down Your Login!

72 percent of Americans believe their accounts are secure with only usernames and passwords, yet every two seconds there is another victim of identity fraud. Your usernames and passwords may not be enough to keep your accounts secure. You have enough to worry about, so what can you do about it?

Many online services have the option to secure your accounts beyond just a username and password to log in. This is called strong authentication. Always opt to enable stronger authentication when available, especially for accounts with sensitive information including your email or bank accounts. A stronger authentication helps verify a user has authorized access to an online account.

What is Strong Authentication?

Strong authentication – sometimes called multi-factor or two-factor authentication – goes beyond just a username and password, and is a way to lock down your login. Many online services, including apps, online banking, and other websites, offer free options to help you protect your information and ensure it’s actually you trying to access your account – not just someone with your password.

Two ways you can lock down your login include:

  • Biometric: Using your fingerprint is one example of biometric authentication.
  • One-time code: A one-time code is sent to you as a text message, or provided by an app on your mobile device. Entering the one-time code when logging into an online account provides an added layer of security beyond the password.

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