May 2015

Seton Home nominates Woodforest National Bank for United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County’s Volunteer of the Year Award!

Mommy's Place

Woodforest is the “can-do” crew. When in doubt we can always turn to their friendly team for a helping hand! Our community partnership with Woodforest National Bank has resulted in a mutually beneficial relationship for our young families, the health of our agency, and for the development of Woodforest staff. We appreciate having Woodforest volunteers who work alongside staff in the followings ways; development and delivery of financial literacy program, board and committee involvement, ‘flash-mob’ volunteers with high-level customer service skills and great personalities.

In the past 15 months, Woodforest has generously offered 49 financial literacy classes, collectively contributing over 11,500 hours of volunteer service. Woodforest tailors curriculum and realistic shopping experiences for our young moms which help them to visualize themselves as the sole providers for their households. Not a week goes by without Woodforest volunteers modeling community responsibility on our campus. Mommy’s Place at Seton Home, sponsored by Woodforest, challenges our agency to rethink how we provide for our families – shifting to a model which encourages independent decision making.

Woodforest’s planning and extraordinary effort with Seton Home program staff has made it possible for Seton Home moms to earn leadership points which translate into buying power at Mommy’s Place. Since the Mommy’s Place Award Program started in December Seton Home moms have earned over 2,400 leadership “bucks” from doing extra housework, job shadowing, having perfect attendance/punctuality, and for going out of their way to befriend their peers. Woodforest has gone out of its way to make Mommy’s Place parallel the real-life struggle that we all have when it comes making the decision to either purchase material items or save our money. The program teaches consumer choices and helps our moms learn how to best manage limited resources. With the help of Woodforest volunteers, Seton Home moms are setting financial goals and making progress toward those goals.

In the San Antonio region, Woodforest has garnered 100% volunteer participation from all 19 bank locations with each local branch manager serving on a board or committee of a local nonprofit. We are fortunate to have local branch managers serving on special event and development committees as well as on our Board of Governors. Other agencies benefited by the bank include San Antonio Food Bank, Christian Hope Resource Center, and Guadalupe County United Way. Woodforest employees advocate for the success of our young families in 4 area counties: sporting volunteer shirts on Fridays, making special appeals which encourage local philanthropy, and never ceasing to surprise us! Seton Home proclaims, “Woodforest is an especially noteworthy organization in the San Antonio community!” They make an effort to consider how they can really be of help before they are even asked. They serve not only with resources and talent, but also with true heart.”

Article provided by Seton Home

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