Send money to anyone - no matter where they bank(1)

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P2P Payments in the palm of your hand.

With Person to Person Payment (P2P), Woodforest customers can use the Woodforest Mobile Banking App(2) to send money to anyone with a U.S. bank account – no matter where they bank.

It's free, easy and secure to send money to friends and family. All you need is your recipient's mobile phone number or email.

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Send directly from your Woodforest Mobile Banking App(2).

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Your recipient does not have to be a Woodforest banking customer.

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Your recipient will receive your sent funds directly into their chosen account.

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The first time you send money to a new recipient, they will answer a custom security question you created to ensure the money is going to the correct person.

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Easily review your payment history and status.

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It’s all on the app.

Download the latest Woodforest Mobile Banking App(2) update to use our Send Money feature on
your mobile device.

Click here to download the app from the Apple App Store   Click here to download the app from the Google Play Store

You must be enrolled in Woodforest Online Banking to access your account on our Mobile Banking App(2).

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P2P Payment FAQs

What is a P2P payment?

P2P stands for “Person to Person” which means a Woodforest P2P payment is a transfer of funds between your Woodforest bank account and the bank account of another individual. Payments are electronic and will be processed the next business day. Funds must be available at the time the payment is being processed.

How can a P2P payment be set up?

Payments can be set up as a one-time payment through the Woodforest Mobile App.

Can a P2P payment be canceled?

You can cancel a payment up until the payment cut-off time (typically 6PM CST) on the day the payment is scheduled to be sent. Only senders can cancel their payments.

When are the funds debited from my account?

For claimed payments delivered to a verified recipient, funds are typically debited from your account between 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST time. You have until approximately 6:00 PM CST the same business day to cancel any payments before they are sent.

Where do you see P2P payments, both scheduled & processed?

You can review your P2P status of payments and payment history by clicking the History icon from the Send Money screen of your mobile device.

Can a P2P payment be sent via check?

P2P payments cannot be sent via check as all P2P payments are sent electronically.

Will I be notified when the payment is delivered?

Both you and your recipient will be notified through email/SMS when the payment is sent and when it has been delivered.

How many days does my recipient have to claim their funds?

Your recipient has seven (7) calendar days to claim their payment. Notifications are sent to your recipient prompting them to claim their payment. If your recipient does not claim their payment from you, the payment will be canceled, and you will need to set up the payment again. Both you and your recipient are notified when the payment link has expired.

What happens to the funds if my recipient never claims them?

Funds are not debited until the recipient has indicated where they want their funds disbursed. If after seven (7) calendar days the recipient doesn’t claim the funds, the transaction is canceled.

Will I and/or my recipient be notified if a payment cannot be sent?

Yes, if your recipient does not claim their payment within seven (7) calendar days, both you and your recipient are notified when the payment link has expired.

Do I also need to enroll in Bill Pay to use P2P payments?

P2P payments are offered as part of Woodforest’s core services. You do not need to enroll in Bill Pay to use P2P payments.

Why are there amount limits for P2P payments?

Woodforest sets a limit for payments, which aids in mitigating fraud and managing exposure. Please consult with your online banking services agreement for more information.

When can a P2P be scheduled?

P2P payments can be scheduled at any time. Processing occurs Monday through Friday, federal holidays excluded. Payments must be scheduled before 6:00 PM CST to be processed the same day; payments scheduled after 6:00 PM CST will be processed the following business day.

What happens to the funds for canceled/returned P2P payments?

Accounts are only debited for payments that are processed, so a canceled payment will never be debited. If a payment is returned, the sender’s account will be credited.

How are returned payments handled?

If Woodforest receives a return before the cut-off time (typically 6PM CST), the credit will be processed the same day it was returned during that day's payment processing. Otherwise, the credit will be included in the next day's payment process.

Will my recipient need to answer a security question every time?

As a security precaution, your recipient will need to answer a security question the first time you send them a payment, if you change your security question, and if they make a change to their delivery method (mobile phone number or email) after having previously answered a security question correctly.

What happens if I change my Security Question?

If you have changed the security question, your recipient will need to answer the new question to receive new payments. If a payment is already pending from before you changed the security question, the recipient will not need to answer the new security question to receive the pending payment.

What happens if my recipient answers the Security Question incorrectly?

Your recipient has three (3) attempts to answer correctly. Upon the second failed attempt, your recipient will be presented with a message to check the answer with you to prevent being locked out. If your recipient is locked out, the payment is canceled and both you and your recipient will receive an email/SMS. You will be instructed to set up a new payment and contact your recipient with the security question answer.

(1) User and Recipient must reside within the U.S.
(2) Data rates may apply. See carrier for details.

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