Equipment and Supported Browsers

Last modified: February 2, 2024

You are responsible for obtaining, maintaining and operating your own equipment used to access and perform any Online Services. We will not be responsible for any failure or errors resulting from or substantially attributed to the malfunction of your equipment. We are not responsible for any data service charges you incur while accessing Online Services.

Full Site Access (

We support versions of the following browsers and operating systems (“OS”) for accessing Online Services via our full Website:

  • Windows (version 7 and above) or Mac OS X (Sierra and above)
  • A compatible web browser that supports HTML5, TLS 1.2, and Javascript. Many browsers work with our site, including:
    • Google Chrome 50.0.2661 and above
    • Mozilla Firefox 53.0 and above
    • Internet Explorer 11 and above
    • Microsoft Edge for Windows 10
    • Safari (Mac OS)
  • Application or web browser capable of rendering PDF documents.

Other browsers and platforms may also work, but we only support them minimally, if at all. Please use the browser versions above for optimal compatibility.

Mobile Access (

To download and access Online Services via a Woodforest Mobile Application, the following devices are supported:

  • Any device capable of running Apple iOS (64 bit) or Android OS
  • Android Version 6.0 and above
  • iOS 11.0 and above

To access Online Services via our Mobile Website, the following browsers are supported:

  • A device with a web browser that supports HTML5, TLS 1.2, and Javascript.
  • Many devices work with our Mobile Website including:
    • Apple iOS Phones/Devices
    • Android Phones/Devices
    • Blackberry Devices
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